Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Started writing the actual software

Alpha version of the hardware has been a little bit cleaned-up.
Started to write the real software. All previous software was just about testing hardware. I'm now writing the application as I want the application, re-using the previous test classes.

Looking nice ! Keyboard is working; i'm able to make the difference between short and long keypresses. Accuracy of the MPR121 is actually (after some tweaking) very good.

Connected the light to the keyboard events; i'm now able to control the (RGB) Leds; PWM dimming !
Radio (FMReceiver and Amplifier) is also connected to these keyboard events. Coded some shortcuts, but i'm able to control the volume of the amplifier.


  • Add more features to the Light: slow startup of the light intensity (wakeup with light). Manual power on and off; make it less abrupt (need some sort of fast dimm off, dimm on.
  • Clean-up the radio & amplifier code
  • Connecting the display classes ...
  • Actual writing the alarm settings & processing....
  • ....


  1. Hey Koen,

    any progress on your project? I'm getting into Rapsberry PI, and your clock is exactly what i was hoping to build. Keep those posts coming.


    1. Hi Mattijs,

      I didn't see your comment on my blog; yes the project is still alive ! I have added some small video's regarding the prototype.